Shcherback Igor (PhD.)

Physicist researcher at IAI - R&D on Quantum Magnetometry Systems

Physicist researcher at IAI – R&D on Quantum Magnetometry Systems

Holds a PhD in Physics/Electro-Optical Engineering from Ben-Gurion University.

Served senior R&D researcher at Ben-Gurion University.

He was engaged in R&D, entrepreneuring, technological and business consulting in a variety of subjects. Held initiating and management positions in Pixelscan and several other companies.

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Nir Liszer

CTO, Incubit Ventures (Subsidiary of Elbit Systems)

Nir Specializes in communication, image processing, system architecture and unmanned arial vehicles (UAV), among other fields.

Beforehand, he fulfilled several roles in Elbit Systems, including Senior Director of Technology and R&D, management roles at the ISTAR and UAV divisions, and more.  He was Head of Engineering team in Replay Technologies and VisionMap.

Liszer has a BSc in Electrical, Electronic and Communications Engineering from Ariel University.

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Dr. Aviv Zeevi Balasiano

VP, Technological Infrastructure Division, Israel Innovation Authority

Responsible for generating collaborations between the industry and academia that create advanced technologies and innovative products.

Zeevi has vast experience in the field of technological developments, in developing online systems as well as training and simulation systems. In his most recent role he served as the head of the ICT department in the Israeli Research Directorate of the European Research Program.

Zeevi has a PhD in Information Systems Management from the Tel Aviv University. He holds several additional degrees in Economics, Political Science and Management.

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Dr. Jacob Rovinsky

Last 10 years MLM/IAI R&D director. R&D Director in ELTA CTO Organisation

BSc&MSc in applied mathematics from oil and gas university, Moscow, PhD in physics (vibration and hydro acoustics) from Bauman university, Moscow, Post Doc in physics (two phase flow) in Tel Aviv university.
From 1994 in IAI.
Different positions mostly connected to development of Arrow defense system.

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Yanir Farber

CEO is an experienced business and technology manager and entrepreneur

For the last 25 years, Farber has served as an active chairman at Technoplus Ventures, a public investment company , founder and president of Browzwear International, a leading provider of 3D fashion design, development and merchandising solutions , COO at Cubital, a 3D printing company, and Managing Director at Tefen UK, an Industrial engineering firm.

Farber has a Bsc. in Industrial Engineering from Tel Aviv University

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Dr. Itamar Sivan

Co-Founder and CEO of Quantum Machines (QM)

A quantum physicist and entrepreneur. For more than 10 years, Dr. Sivan have been involved in quantum technologies research. He has completed his Ph.D at the Weizmann Institute of Science, working on quantum electronics and topological quantum states of matter. Performed his MS.c thesis in Oxford University, working on quantum optics and cold-atoms systems.

Quantum Machines is developing the most advanced technology worldwide for the control and operation of quantum computers. Its platform allows to realize the potential of any quantum processor, and run the most demanding quantum algorithms seamlessly.

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Dr. Nadav Cohen

Asst. Professor of Computer Science at Tel Aviv University

His research focuses on the theoretical and algorithmic foundations of deep learning and he received a number of awards for his contributions to the theoretical understanding of this field.

Dr. Cohen earned a BSc in electrical engineering and a BSc in mathematics (both summa cum laude) at the Technion Excellence Program for Distinguished Undergraduates.

He obtained his PhD at the School of Computer Science and Engineering in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and was a postdoctoral research scholar at the School of Mathematics in the Institute for Advanced Study of Princeton.

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Prof. Avi Pe’er

Physics Dept. and BINA Institute of Nanotechnology

Physics Dept. and BINA Institute of Nanotechnology, Bar-Ilan University, member of PBC consulting committee on quantum

Prof. Pe’er is an expert in quantum optics and laser physics. Pe’er harnesses ultra-broadband quantum light sources for high bit-rate quantum communication and for ultra-sensitive measurement beyond the limits of classical physics.

Prof. Pe’er is a faculty member of the Physics department and BINA center for nanotechnology In Bar Ilan University Since 2008. He received his PhD from the Weizmann Institute (2005) in physics and completed post-doctoral research at JILA, University of Colorado.

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